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Business Intruder Alarm Systems

When it comes to the problem of business disruption, prevention is the best cure. Oakbury intruder alarms are a great deterrent. We tailor every security solution to the size and nature of your business, so you always get the protection that’s right for you. And because we’re an SSAIB approved organisation, we can help you meet your insurance and legislation obligations too.


Oakbury Smart Business

With remote access to security, you have greater flexibility and complete control 24/7. Combined with keyholder or police response it offers affordable peace of mind 365 days

Emergency Response

All our intruder alarms are fully monitored and in the event of an activation we will notify the keyholders and the emergency service*

Hold Up Alarms

We can increase the level of security and peace of mind your staff enjoy with personal attack systems, such as panic buttons, that let them raise the alarm if attacked or threatened.

High Value & Property Protection

Our security systems protect valuable items such as safes, vaults, confidential materials or business critical computer equipment that intruders often target.

Always Working

With our remote diagnosis and fast, responsive maintenance and service support, your security system is quickly returned to full strength – often without having to send an engineer to you – should a fault occur.

Always Watched

There’s someone keeping an eye on your business 24/7/365, helping to protect not only your premises, employees and assets, but your reputation to.

Service & Maintenance

With Oakbury as your security partner, you can relax knowing your business is always being looked after. Our experts can monitor your security system around the clock, and our remote diagnosis and fast, responsive maintenance and service support ensures it’s always working efficiently, saving you time, money and worry.


Contact on 01869 251789 or email and we will be happy to provide a FREE ‘No obligation’ security consultation.

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