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Business CCTV systems

Every theft costs you money and jeopardises everything you’ve worked hard for. Shop thefts alone cost businesses £44m in 2013*, but using the latest video surveillance technology, our CCTV systems help deter people targeting your business. Using leading-edge video surveillance technology, our CCTV security products can be tailored specifically to your business to capture high definition images around the clock.

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High definition picture quality

With image quality so crucial, our HD and Megapixel CCTV camera systems let you zoom in to capture the small detail – such as sleight of hand theft. If you have analogue cameras already installed in your premises, it’s easy to upgrade to HD CCTV without having to replace your entire security system. Simply switch the cameras and recorder, and your premises is more secure than ever.

Digital video management & storage

If you want to add motion detection cameras to particular areas of your premises, or record and store footage digitally to improve the effectiveness of your business CCTV, our systems let you do this.

View anywhere

Access your video surveillance system from your mobile phone, tablet or PC to view live or recorded images and receive notifications of all your alarm events. Dual stream support gives you two different views from your IP camera; one in high definition for recording and one in a lower resolution for live display. This saves bandwidth and means your recorder can display more cameras.

Email notification

You can set your system to send event notifications – such as alarm activations or system faults that require attention – to specified email addresses. This means they never go unnoticed.

Our range of cameras

From standard fixed position CCTV cameras, to mini domes that give you a 360° view of your premises, we have the right solution for any business. We also have a range of analogue HD and IP cameras ideal for internal and external use.

Service & Maintenance

With Oakbury as your security partner, you can relax knowing your business is always being looked after. Our experts can monitor your security system around the clock, and our remote diagnosis and fast, responsive maintenance and service support ensures it’s always working efficiently, saving you time, money and worry.


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