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The Sense Behind Biometric Measures

Biometric measurement is more like mapping your face than like taking a photo of your face. The biometric scanner digitizes thousands of points, distances and proportions of your face distortions. For example, it will compare distances between your chin and your forehead or locate where exactly is your nose.

It will look for patterns in the finger whorls or, in the case of voice recognition, discover the unique shape of a person’s mouth or throat to confirm identity. Speaker or voice recognition can include an additional security benefit - text-dependent elements, such as a passphrase. This is not only discovering a speaking pattern, but also almost a second voice password.

Regardless of the method of data collection, biometric scanners make sense of a person’s identity by transforming the measures into numbers. The numbers are then run across a database of previously enrolled measures for authenticated users. So, yes, in a way, with biometrics, each person gets turned into a number, which, in terms of access control, is a good thing. Especially if you need setting unique identity authentication for large businesses with several physical or personal security layers. Here are just a few of the benefits of using biometrics to safeguard access at work:


Eyes AND fingers can be used for multi-factor authentication

  • Increase productivity by eliminating system inaccuracies
  • Enhance employee accountability
  • Track excessive overtime
  • Provide top-notch integration capacity
  • Enable multifactor authentication with voice and face recognition
  • Multimodal authentication with multiple data enrolments

Obviously, the advantages of biometrics in access control systems widely surpass the assumed vulnerabilities. You must admit that taking a photo of your face to use it for face recognition is a bit far-fetching. Without going overboard, we must thank biometrics for enabling our modern designed workplaces. Almost none of the alternative access control options are so versatile, universal and well-performing.